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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provides reviews for hotels in all major cities across India.

Why do we provide reviews?

We want you to find the best hotels. We want you to take advantage of others experience.
Our goals: To help you stay in the best hotels and definitely avoid the worst hotels in cities across India.

What does a hotel rating mean?

Hotels are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 means bad rating. 5 corresponds to an excellent rating. Below is how various ratings may be interpreted.

5 star rating usually means a excellent quality hotel. Very clean rooms. Extremely customer friendly service. Good locations. Best value for money. Customer always prefer to stay in the hotel more than once.

4 star rating usually means very good hotel. Good location. Rooms always clean. Very good service. Most customers are satisfied. Very good value for money. Customer usually prefer to stay in the hotel more than once.

3.5 rating usally means better than average hotels. Clean rooms. Good service. Good value for money. Very few complaints. Customer usually prefer to stay in the hotel more than once.

3 rating usually means average hotel. Rooms with basic facilities. Average service. Some complaints.

2 star feedback rating means lower than average service. Rooms not always clean. Not a very good value for money. Major complaints. Customers usually do not stay in the hotel the 2nd time.

1 star rating means customers have major complaints. Bad services. Dirty rooms.


How do we collect hotel reviews?

All our reviews and ratings are provided directly by guests who have stayed in the hotel. No gimmicks. No games. Directly from our customers.

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